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Publications by Paul

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10 - A Guide for a Community-Based COVID Recovery

This guide explores both why and how cities and communities have become such a force in community change, especially now during COVID-19 .

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Welcoming the Stranger

In this article, Paul Born discusses the phenomenon of migration, and Canadian cities' responses to displaced people.

People Meeting Together

How to Develop a Common Agenda for a Collective Impact

Paul provides a 'how-to' approach for developing a common agenda when working on Collective Impact initiatives


Our Community Can Change | When We Work Together

Give people good information and effective tools, and they will organize and work together to create the kind of communities they want.



What happens when we give up or admit that there are no possibilities of making things better? What happens when we give up on the possible?

Navigating change

10 - A Guide For Cities Reducing Poverty

Read a concise overview of how cities are reducing poverty: their stories, their strategies, their resources, and tips for beginners on organizing a city-wide initiative. Whether you are a community leader, an elected official, a business leader, or a concerned citizen, this book was written for you.

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